my own place

manifesting more agency, less anxiety, more happiness

a vision board for an imagined future: moving into my own place and doing little things that bring me joy.

to uproot myself again and open a new chapter in my life feels so daunting. it's tempting to curl up in bed and keep putting it off. this is my personal reminder that i can do this and things will be good

spiritually this^ level of comfort

i specialize in the art of carefully curated clutter. and i have so many new prints to hang up!

when i'm at my friend's house and we sit around doing nothing in particular until dinner and then getting boba afterwards

the goal is to move out in 2022 (or come up with a new deadline with a really good reason). i think it's about time - but there is also no such thing as being too late, i am right on time

rugs on hardwood <3

i don't have to get everything right on day 1. it might be a mess on day 1, but isn't that the equivalent of falling on my ass 20 times before figuring out how to snowboard? and when i did it was so fun!

honk mimimimi / fluffiest white comforter / napping in the sun / peacefully lazy

cooking doesn't have to be difficult or fancy... i've done it before! and there's always takeout. no shame

i want to bake cakes for my friends!

aroma of toast almost golden